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LiveU Solo HDMI is a professional-grade wireless video encoder offering one-touch streaming to popular social media networks and online channels. This allows users to send the same video with graphical overlay generated in real-time by the VBOX Video HD2 to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and more, LIVE!

LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™)

LiveU’s patented video protocol LRT™ deploys smart algorithms like adaptive bit-rate adjustment and automated error correction to deliver rock-solid live streams with superior video quality.

LiveU Solo HDMI combines the bandwidths of up to four internet sources (2 x cellular networks, 1 x WiFi, 1 x Ethernet) to create a single, strong upstream line.

By transmitting the video data over multiple connections, LiveU Solo HDMI ensures reliable live streaming even if one network degrades or drops out completely.

In order to make the most of LRT™, you will require a subscription.

Without a subscription, the LiveU Solo HDMI will pick the strongest internet connection it has and use just that to send the data packets.

More about LRT™ works

Package Content:

  • 1 x LiveU Solo HDMI video encoding unit
  • 1 x High Speed HDMI lead with Ethernet (1 m)
  • 1x Country specific mains power lead (Fig.8)

Click here to download data sheet. See also.

Images: VBOX Video HDMI not included.

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LiveU Solo HDMI

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